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I would like to thank people who have subscribed to my YouTube Channel, Savar Toys Review. You all people have shown your interest and love for my channel that has hit 5K subscribers or more in less than a year. That’s why I would like to appreciate your efforts by taking a moment and saying thank you to my supporters.

Without you people, I could not achieve this milestone in just a short span of time. However, it was not me, it was all of you folks, who watch my videos constantly, share your love by hitting the ‘like’ buttons and ‘share’ buttons. Hence, we achieved this thing together. I would want to give you people a huge round of applause for appreciating my videos. Congratulations to you all from the bottom of my heart as we are all a team!

A Glimpse of My Journey!

I, Savar Ghai, was just 6 years old when I wanted to become popular via social media. I had a desire to make review videos of Educational and Fun Toys I have in my game zone and then share it on some social media platform. I asked my dad about this idea and he respected it, and then he decided to go with this idea. It was his inspiration that originated this channel. He also motivated me. It was his efforts that took me to this level, where I found my channel too much popular with thousands of subscribers. It just took less than a year to reach this level.

When my dad uploaded the first review video on this channel, it got viral like fire. This made me inspired a lot and I tried to make some other videos of my games. I use my creativeness and smartness to make videos that you guys love a lot. I prepare videos from my heart so that you guys can enjoy a lot and get some educational stuff and awareness from these videos. Initially, I did it for fun and to give information to parents about some Educational Toys for Kids , making them feel excited in any manner.

And as an approach to give back, I am having another giveaway for all my supporters, who are incredible people as another means to say thank you for your love and assistance as I grow not only my YouTube channel but my website as well. You guys can visit my website, where the information regarding different games and videos is accessible easily in the form of YouTube Videos and informative content.

Another good news for you is that you can share your feedback or comments on my YouTube Channel so that I can work on it and come with some better ideas while making these review videos.

Well, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and possibly, you learned more about my journey. Again, I want to say thank you for everything you did to me. Thanks for all the support, advice, love, and help that I received this year. I assure that I would always come with some exciting videos in the future as well with a lot of dedication, confidence, and excitement. Last but not least, come to My Channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, and then the like and the share buttons if you have not done it yet!

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