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Best Hot Wheels Track Sets in 2019

Best Hot Wheels Track Sets in 2019

The popular die-cast car toys, Hot Wheels have kept themselves as a well-known gaming option among adults and kids alike for more than 50 years. These little, but motivating hot wheel cars are globally loved. Of course, the Hot Wheels Track Sets are less known in the market, but they are a combination of problem-solving, imaginative play, and creativity. With such toys, kids can have a chance to build unique tracks on their own, as they can use many interlinked sets, enhancing motor skills.

Are you going to buy a hot wheel track set for your small kid? Then, you have come to the right place. We are going to provide with reviews of some best hot wheel track sets that are going to hit in 2019. To know more about them, checking out the hot wheel toys reviews at Savar Toys Review, a YouTube Channel, in which Savar shows his interests and fun time playing with the collection of hot wheels he has in the game zone.

So, start reading about the best collection of Track Sets by Hot Wheels in this year:

  1. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Your kid will be going to have a cherish time with the ramps, crash zones, hairpin bends, as well as, motorized boosters in this track set. Get indulged in countless fun hours with more than 16 feet of track and 4 crash zones. Using the feeder ramp will let you split with the hot wheels that send them speeding around any track. To enhance the action, motorized boosters are of greater option. It has more storage and parking space. It is perfect for those kids, who want to play alone and are first-time players. Know more about this track set, watch Kids Toy Cars Review in the video forms by going online.

  1. Super Ultimate Garage Playset

Equipped with excitement and fun, this track set can be used by those kids, who have craziness about hot wheels. It stands on a full 3+ foot tall, which has plenty of space to park over 140 cars. With the motorized elevator, more than 23 cars can be transported at one time. The Gorilla in the track set will make its effort to swipe the cars away. A player needs to race his or her car side by side. Its features include drive-up diner, car wash, and a penthouse packed with a landing pad, multiple connection-based tracks, 4 hot wheel cars, a giant jet plane, and moving parts. So, let this track set will trigger the kid’s imagination and make him or her enjoy for many hours. If you are an imaginative player or a hardcore hot wheels fan, it would be the best resort.

  1. Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Are you fond of racing hot wheels? With the hot wheel toys reviews related to this track set, you can get more info and explain it to your kid. This set is going to offer an 8 feet track with a multi-lane raceway. It has lights, sounds, 6 hot wheels, and 6 racing lanes. It can be folded up because of easy storage and portability features. A kid can watch a car taking the lead down directly and finishes the finish line. Once your kid wins the race, the announcer will notify him or her and then they can enjoy. This track set can be opted by those who wish to get involved in a multi-playing game with family or friends.

  1. Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

It is ideal for a kid, who has a dream to go head-to-head in a spinning race. On the web, the Kids Toy Cars Review for this track set can explain each and everything. It is one of the excellent hot wheel car track sets having 3 crash zones intersecting each other. It will be great fun while finding if a hot wheel will make it or get hit in a crash. There are two launchers that make your trip interesting around the track. Having this track can let your kid challenging his friends to an ultimate race. It can encourage sportsmanship and creativity.

  1. Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset

While playing with this track set, your kid can beat the might cobra to save your friends and city by launching the car over the Cobra, which will try to bite and capture the hot wheels in its jaws. Become a hero and create a story by making your imagination wild. Boost the storytelling play with this track set!

On a final note, having play time with such hot wheels in 2019 can bring a great enhancement in cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination. Go through other hot wheel toys reviews online!


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