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About Savar Toys Review

About Savar Toys Review

Kids can be very creative and intelligent, if we let them or give them a chance to get engaged in some creative things or activities. I personally experienced this thing when my son, Savar requested me to come on TV as he watched others doing a lot of imaginative things. This is how I started this channel for my son, named Savar Toys Review, where you guys can watch the genuine reviews for a wide collection of toys and games. The channel was started in August 2018 and I make constant efforts to provide with the right information to viewers in the form of video reviews. My son, Savar made videos of different varieties of games and toys he has or used to play regularly. He was 6 years old when he came with this exciting idea. When we uploaded the first video  Picaso tiles  it got a thousand of viewers. This is where we got encouragement and confidence to move with this idea further and we again came back with complete dedication after some time.

Users Reviews

I love the idea of giving educational and informative videos about the games for kids. My daughter watch toy review videos daily and share her experience with me and her mother like what she learn!

Ellaine Wallace

Savar Toys Review is the amazing platform for kids of any age, who are going to start with the creative thinking concept. This YouTube Channel has educational information to provide, which make kids aware of the new toys.

Wendell Padilla

Know more about Savar and his interests!

He is very fond of toys like hot wheels, monster trucks, cars, Disney toys, trains, doh, Disney planes, Pixar Disney cars, minions, Lego, Thomas and Friends, and much more. He has a vast collection of toys, which he likes to share with others by reviewing them. He spends most of his time in playing with those toys along with his little brother to have fun and get an adventurous trip with his family.

I donate those toys we used to review on our channel to local charity, helping poor children or for the sake of kindness. So, join him on an adventurous journey when it comes to adding a lot of creativity in your kids or let your kids explore a new world of games with him!

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